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Credit Transfer



Selangor Islamic University (UIS) warmly welcomes applications from Diploma graduates from institutions of higher learning throughout Malaysia to continue their studies in Bachelor's Degree at UIS. There are various fields of study in Bachelor’s Degrees from which one may choose.

All Diploma graduates from Malaysian institutions of higher learning who successfully continue their studies in the Bachelor's Degree programme in KUIS are eligible* to apply for a credit transfer.

The maximum number of credit transfers that can be applied for/ approved is 30% OR 50% of the total credit hours of an academic programme (subject to course minimum grade).

For example, the credit transfer that can be applied for/ approved for a Bachelor's degree programme with total credit hours of 120 units (equivalent to 7 or 8 semesters of study), is 36 units (equivalent to 2 semesters of study).

This means that students are able to shorten the duration of studies and reduce some amount of study fees e.g. tuition fees, examination fees and hostel fees.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now! Application for admission can be made online at https://bit.ly/nakbelajarkuis



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